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Dead Bird Reporting
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Dead Birds That Should Be Reported

Click on the Select bar under the bird you want to report.

American Crow                          Select
  • Adults are 17 to 21 inches long
  • Feathers are black; slightly iridescent blue and purple
  • Black bill, legs, and feet

Blue Jay                                    Select

  • Adults are 11 inches long
  • Blue upper side, lighter gray breast
  • Distinct feather crest on head
  • Bill and feet dark gray-black

Common Grackle                         Select

  • Length 12 inches
  • Black with iridescent highlights of blue, purple, green, and bronze
  • Yellow eyes
  • Long, sharp black bill

House or Common Sparrow          Select

  • Length less than 5 inches
  • Cone-shaped beak and pink legs
  • Gray crown; grayish side of neck and under parts
  • Black throat, upper breast, and small mask; streaks on back
  • Back of neck and upperparts rusty-brown
  • Females and juveniles – colors softer, less black, more gray

Hawk                                         Select

  • Strongly hooked beak
  • Sharp, curved claws or talons
  • Plain colors - blacks, browns, and grays

Owl                                         Select

  • Hooked beaks with sharp edges
  • Sharp, curved claws or talons
  • Large, round heads
  • Unusually soft, fluffy body feathers

Northern Cardinal                        Select

  • Length: 7.75 inches
  • Large, conical bill
  • Crest and long tail

Adult Female

  • Reddish crest, wings, and tail
  • Brownish grey upperparts, buff underparts
  • Red bill

Adult Male

  • Bright red plumage
  • Black around base of red bill

American Robin                           Select

  • Length 8.5 inches
  • Black to dark gray head
  • Broken eye ring, thin yellow bill
  • Dull red breast and belly gray upperparts, streaked throat

Purple Finch, Female                   Select

  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Large, conical bill
  • Short, forked tail, rown crown and cheek patch with pale eyebrows
  • Heavily streaked underparts
  • Brown upperparts

Purple Finch, Male                        Select

  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Large, conical bill
  • Short, forked tail
  • Length 12 inches
  • Purplish-red head, breast, back and rump
  • Streaked back
  • Brown wings and tail
  • Underside base of tail white
  • Immature male resembles female

American Goldfinch                     Select 

  • Body bright yellow to dull brown
  • Length: 4.25 inches
  • Short, pale, conical bill
  • Wings dark with large white wingbars.
  • Sexes similar and drab in winter; marked differences for breeding.

Adult Female

  • Dull yellowish brown underparts

Adult Male

  • Spring/summer male is bright yellow with a black cap
  • Winter male
    • Face, throat, and chest dull yellow
    • Back and crown olive brown
    • Underparts olive gray